Calling all children born in 2010 – MPACT is Coming!

A recent study held in Southeast Saskatchewan indicated that as many as 25% of children are not ready for Kindergarten. Did you know that 90% of brain development happens before the age of six? That’s why parents are their children’s first teachers! You have the most opportunity to enhance your child’s development.

IMPACT is a fun event for the whole family! This year’s theme ~ BUGS ~ is sure to appeal to both girls and boys! Parents and children circulate through ten different stations, in whichever order they choose, at their own pace. Each station offers a fun activity geared to enhance a specific area of your child’s development. Families can do the activity together and then receive an item to continue the learning at home. By the time they circulate through all ten stations, families will leave with a gift bag valued at $40.

Children need to learn how to play with others, take turns, care about others and feel good about themselves. Our Bug Stacker and Hopscotch stations focus on play, turn-taking and good old-fashioned fun!

Children learn best when they are well-rested and well-fed. Active children develop their large (gross) muscles by running, jumping and playing. Grasping crayons and picking up small objects helps develop their small (fine) muscles. Our Busy Bee Hives and Bug Stamping stations focus on fine muscle development, which will help your child with such tasks as holding a pencil.

Bring language, books and numbers to life! One of the best ways parents can prepare children for school is to read to them, right from when they are babies! Relate the stories to children’s lives and experiences. Explore numbers and puzzles together at our Ladybug Learning station! Have fun scooping and sorting different kinds of bugs at our Going Buggy Station.

Play is children’s work. It’s how they learn about world, and parents are essential partners in their play. Encourage your child to explore the world by encouraging them to play with many different toys and materials – clay, leaves, beads, and bugs! Put together our GigANTic Ants puzzle and learn all about the life cycle of an ant.

This year’s IMPACT event will be held on Wednesday, February 5 from 4-6 PM at the Ogema School. All children turning 4 in 2014 (born in 2010) are invited to this year’s IMPACT event. This includes children from both Ogema and Pangman. Watch for your invitation in the mail! If you don’t receive one and have a child born in 2010, please contact one of our committee members below. We hope to see you there!

  • Tara Hancock, Ogema TCL: (306) 459-2470
  • Alison Wiks, Ogema School: (306) 459-2500
  • Sherri Jackson-Mead, Ogema Library: (306) 459-2985
  • Katharine Bryson, Pangman Daycare: (306) 442-4440
  • Sabrina Quigley, Pangman School: (306) 442-2051
  • Carol Colbow, Pangman Library: (306) 442-2119
  • Jacquie Gibbs, SE Cornerstone SD: (306) 842-2901
  • Madeleine Valentine, Regional KidsFirst: (306) 453-2071


Art Show Featuring Works by our Local Young People Ages 3 to 14

An Art Show showcasing works by some of our local young people (ages 3 to 14) was held at the Pangman Community Center on Sunday, May 5, 2013.

Art classes were a new venture this year for students from Pangman and Ogema areas.  We held classes from September thru April two nights a week at the Pangman Branch Library.  Approximately 17 students participated regularly in the classes throughout the year with ages ranging from 2 to 14.

We worked on introducing basic drawing concepts and styles, including still lifes, portraits, wildlife, graffiti, perspective, abstract and Haida art in various mediums such as pencil, marker and tempera.

Our year ended with an Art Show at the Pangman Community Centre on Sunday, May 5th.  This gave the students a chance to show off all their hard work from the year.  All in all it was a great year and we hope to start-up regular classes again in the fall.

People’s choice awards at the Art Show went to:

  • Preschool – string art abstract by Zaiden B. – Age 2
  • Beginner – tempera abstract by Corny F. –  Age 8
  • Beginner – Parrot in Marker by Evan U. –  Age 8
  • Junior – Haida Bird in Marker by Cailee U. – Age 11
  • Intermediate (there was a tie in the votes) –

–  Parrot in Marker by Payton N. – Age 14
–  Perspective Landscape in Pencil by Elizabeth C. – Age 13

Teacher’s choice and Best In Show awards were also handed out to all students in each level.

A big thank you to Wendy Colbow for working with our budding artists.