11 th Annual Charity Farms Harvest for Pangman School

With six combines, four tandem trucks and great volunteer effort, the 2018 Pangman Charity Farms crop was harvested in a few hours on September 11. The Charity Farms project, initiated by Brian and Gladys Jesse, has become the major fundraising support for Pangman School. For the past 11 years, Ken and Joyce Kaufmann have rented a half section of land to Pangman Charity Farms.

This year combines were provided by E. Bourassa & Sons, Brian Jesse, Mark Johnson, Richard Metke and Elwood White. John Colbow, Blake DeBruyne, Brian Jesse and Rodger Sambrook brought their trucks. John Colbow supplied the tractor to run the auger. Two augers were supplied by Rodger and Adam Sambrook. Durum, chosen as this year’s crop, had been seeded by Brian Jesse and sprayed by John Friesen.

At the end of the successful harvest day, Brian Jesse acknowledged the tremendous support from E. Bourassa & Sons, Farm Credit Canada, RBC Royal Bank of Ogema, RM of Norton and Richardson Pioneer Ltd. of Weyburn. Adam Sambrook was credited for his help in promoting and planning the harvest.

Also adding to the success of this year’s harvest were Ken Bourassa, Adam Farquhar, Lisa Friesen, Gladys Jesse, Elaine Johnson, Ken & Joyce Kaufmann, Wayne & Connie Lozinsky, Darren Marcenko, Eileen Tunall, and Tom Webb.

Charity Farms Harvest 2015

The Pangman Charity Farms canola crop was combined on September 12th with perfect harvest weather. John Friesen, Gary Lee, Gladys Jesse, Brian Jesse, Lawrence Fellner, Ken Kaufmann, Wayne Lozinsky, Mark Johnson, and Ken Newman volunteered their time, effort, and equipment adding to the success of the day.

A big thank you to our  major sponsors E. Bourassa & Sons for their continued support, as well as Weyburn Pioneer Grain, Municipal Hail, and Farm Credit Corp.

The proceeds from the sale of the crop each year are a major support for Pangman School and community.

2014 Charity Farms Harvest

The 2014 Pangman Charity Farms harvest is in the bin. This has become a major fundraising initiative in support of Pangman School.

Thank you to this year’s volunteers: Curtis Bourassa, Hudson Bourassa, John Colbow, Wayne Colbow, Lawrence Fellner, Mike Fellner, John Friesen, Brian & Gladys Jesse, Mark Johnson, Ken & Joyce Kaufmann, Wayne & Connie Lozinsky, John Metke, Adam Sambrook, Rodger Sambrook, Eileen Tunall, Elwood White. A big thanks also to E. Bourassa & Sons, Farm Credit Corpo- ration, Saskatchewan Municipal Hail, Pangman Co-op, Mandy Rowland (Bayer Crop Science), and Weyburn KFC.

Pangman Charity Farms Harvests 6th Annual Crop

Charity Farms 2013 Harvest

Neighbours, businesses, volunteers and even the weather co-operated on October 15th to harvest the Charity Farms crop southeast of Pangman.

Rodger Sambrook, Wayne Lozinsky, Adam Farquhar, Adam Sambrook, Gladys Jesse, Brian Jesse, Richard Metke, John Colbow and Wes Gurskey all pitched in to make the day a great success. Five combines, three tandems and a grain cart were used to harvest a bountiful field of flax in under six hours on a half section of land owned by Ken and Joyce Kaufmann and rented to Charity Farms.

Charity Farms president Brian Jesse was pleased with the quality and quantity of flax harvested. He expressed his appreciation for all the volunteer effort that has gone into the Charity Farms community and school fundraising venture since its inception in 2008.

The day ended with a great harvest supper sponsored by Weyburn KFC (thank you Larie Semen, manager). A big thanks also to E. Bourassa & Sons, Pangman Co-op, Nelson Motors & Equipment, Bill Peters, Jeff West, Ken Vogel, and Gabe Vogel for adding to the success of the harvest.

 Charity Farms 2013 Harvest 1

Charity Farms 2013 Harvest 2

Charity Farms Harvest 2012

Charity Farms Harvest took place on September 21, 2012 and it was a lovely sunny day it. Seven (7)  New Holland combines were used for the harvest.  The Combines used belonged to Brian Jesse (2) Byron Ledingham (2) Mark Johnson, Stan Doughty.  As well E Bourassa & Sons brought their brand new 9090 out for the harvest.  The Trucks were provided by Brian Jesse, Lawrence Fellner, Roger Sambrook & John Colbow.

Morning lunch was provided by some local ladies before the machines went to work. The harvest was completed in 4 1/2 hours. Pangman School children from Grades 1-6 were bused out to see first hand the Charity Farms Harvest to get the picture of what has made the Community Kitchen attached to the school gym possible. KFC and Pizza was brought out for supper, which was supplied by the Farm Credit Corporation.

Charity Farms is a combined effort of many volunteer community residents from the beginning of each spring with seeding, spraying, swathing and the final day of harvest and loading the grain into the bins for sale. There is a sigh of relief and gratitude when the grain is in the bins and always many thanks to be said for all the different helping hands that are involved each year with Charity Farms project.

Those involved this year with the Charity Farms crop were: Brian Jesse, John Freisen, Ken Kaufmann, Bill Peters, Henry Dyck, John Metke, Stan Shepherd, John Colbow, Wayne Colbow, Byron Ledingham, Dan Cordick, Mark Johnson, Stan Doughty (combine), EBourassa & sons, Roger Sambrook, Lawrence Fellner, Wayne Lozinsky, Adam Sambrook.

Charity Farms 2011 Harvest

Sept 6, 2011 was a warm sunny day for the 4 th Annual Pangman Charity Farms Harvest. All proceeds from this farming project go to the beautiful new kitchen for the Pangman Community.

Community Kitchen

A crop of Canola is what was harvested and it is nice to have it in the bins.  Combines were provided by Brian Jesse, E. Bourassa & Sons, Lawrence Fellner & Ken Kaufmann.  Trucks were provided by Roger Sambrook, Mark Johnson & Brian Jesse..  John Colbow supplied the tractor and auger.  Also special thanks to Wayne and Connie Lozinsky, Eileen Tunall, Chris Schwindt, Ken & Joyce Kaufmann for providing morning lunch, Pangman Co-op for beverages and FCC for after harvest supper of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Thanks to all who provided help in any way, it all helps.

Ladies Night Out April 14, 2011

This year’s Ladies Night Out was held on Thursday, April 14, 2011. The guest speaker this year was Sandy Spencer from Weyburn whose topic was “Someday My Prince Will Come”.

We sold 80 tickets and served 79 ladies a delicious, cold meal of ham, turkey and salads with “fix your own” sundaes for dessert. Many door prizes were handed out. Winners of our raffle draw were Kathy Kaufmann and Connie Lozinsky.

We raised $1,110.50 which monies were donated to the “Pangman Charity Farms Kitchen Fund”. The monies earned will be used to help pay for the new kitchen which is attached to the school gym and will be a benefit to the entire community for years to come.

We would like to thank all those who donated salads, buns and cash and a special thank you to the contributors of door prizes.

Charity Farms Harvest Continues!

On Monday, November 8, 2010 Charity Farms continued with their Harvest.

They were out combining and baling, thanks to the weather co-operating and giving them a nice warm day in November.

Thanks to all those who volunteered their time and equipment to help get off this year’s crop. Without your help, Charity Farms could not continue to raise funds for our Community Kitchen.

Charity Farms Harvest 2010

On Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 Charity Farms started harvesting this year’s crop. There were 4 swathers out on the half section of land dedicated to raising money for Pangman School.

This is the 3rd Harvest to be done by Charity Farms. The first harvest was on September 12th, 2008 and last year the harvest was done on November 10th, 2009.

Thank you to Dale Colbow, Terry Webb, Bill Peters, and Byron Ledingham for helping with the swathing, and also thank you to all the volunteers who have helped with the Charity Farms project again this year.

We are all eager to see the new Community Kitchen built and attached to the Pangman School.

New Stage Has Arrived!!

The new stage arrived last week just in time for the Dance Recital and Graduation.

The new stage has been provided for the community and school activities as part of the Charity Farms project.

Thank you Charity Farms.