SECSD Electors Meeting In Pangman March 19, 2012

On Monday, March 19, 2012 an Electors Meeting was held in Pangman. This meeting was open to the community, with SECSD Board members, Marc Casavant, Director of Education, and the Pangman School Review Committee in attendance.

Carol Flynn, Chair of the South East Cornerstone School Division (SECSD) Board reviewed the School Review Process and the steps that will follow after this meeting.

Elwood White of the Pangman School Review Committee then introduced those members of our community who were doing presentations to the Board.  Thirteen members of our community did presentations: Chuck Jacques, Students of the Respect-Ed Team, Eileen Tunall, Pam Rowland, Mayor Rod Rowland, Gary Penner, Brian Jesse, Curtis Bourassa, Don Gurski, John Colbow, Elwood White, Brandon Tichkowsky, and James Carpenter.

Each person spoke about the importance of having a K to 12 School in our Community. They brought up concerns about traveling time to attend other schools, the safety of our students and response time for the EMS if there is an accident, the lack of after school activities due to students attending schools outside of our community, and the loss of business in Pangman, as Parents will spend money in the community were there children attend school. Others spoke about the growth of our community in the past few years, the new Water Treatment Plant, Daycare, Community Kitchen, oil coming to the area, affordable housing being developed in Pangman and area.  Local business owners spoke about their businesses and how the loss of grades 9 to 12 would effect their businesses.

Four students from Pangman School, who are members of the Respect ED team, spoke about events coming up at the school, Pink T Shirt Day and Hoops and Jump rope for Heart.  That Pangman School was the Saskatchewan winner of the Recycle my Cell Contest, and about the Mentorship Program which is held every Thursday at our school.

James Carpenter, a director of Clay Cup Developments out of Alberta spoke about their plans for development in Pangman and other areas in Saskatchewan. They have purchased lots in Pangman and are selling affordable Modular Homes, the first of which home arrived in Pangman on March 16th.

After all the presentations Carol Flynn, Chair of the SECSD Board, thanked everyone for their presentations and advised that members of the community could send presentations to the SECSD Board at 80A 18th St., Weyburn, SK S4H 2W4 until March 30, 2012.

Coffee and Donuts were served after the meeting.

Global Regina were also at the meeting.  You can read the story on their website.


Update on School Board Meeting in Weyburn January 19, 2012

This is an update to our previous post “School Review Committee Informational Meeting”.

On January 19, 2012 a meeting was held at the South East Cornerstone School Division Office. It was great to see over 60 Pangman and area residents there to support our school.

Pangman School was on the agenda for 2 pm and at that time Elwood White asked the school board to do the right thing and stop the review process.

A motion was passed by the board to continue the review process into discontinuance of some grades (9 to 12 or 7 to 12).

The school board will be sending letters out to the parents of children in our school and following that they will be making arrangements to come to Pangman and discuss this with our community. Later in April a final decision will be made.

There is an article on the Fight for Pangman K to 12 School in the Regina Leader Post – click here to read.


School Review Committee Information Meeting

On Tuesday, January 17, 2012 the Pangman School Review Committee hosted an informational meeting at the Pangman School Gym.  The members of the School Review Committee are Elwood White, Chuck Jacques, Rod Rowland, Katharine Bryson, Ken Kessler, Brian Jesse, Gladys Jesse, and Brandon Tichkowsky.

Elwood White, Brandon Tichkowsky, Ken Kessler and Katharine Bryson represented the review committee at this meeting.They provided an update on the review process and also answered questions.

Elwood provided some history about the Review Process. On September 26, 2011 the school was advised of the school board’s intent to review. Shortly after the review committee was formed and they have been meeting monthly with the school board. They advised the school board that Pangman is a growing community with oil in the area, new Water Treatment Plant, Daycare, Community Kitchen, new residents and more.

The South East Cornerstone School Board  have been out to tour our school. The feedback received was that they felt the school is in good condition.

The media has been contacted and Global Regina have aired two stories about Pangman’s school review. Saving Pangman School and a story on Focus Saskatchewan.

There is an important meeting at The South East Cornerstone School Division office in Weyburn on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 2 pm. The Review Committee will be doing presentations at this meeting and the School Board will be putting forth motions to vote on. The Review Committee hopes that the motion to end the school review process will be voted on. They have asked that as many people as possible from Pangman come out to attend this meeting.

If there is a motion to close Pangman School then the Review Committee said they have an option to apply for a School of Opportunity Status.

They hope that many residents of Pangman will come out for this important meeting in Weyburn on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 2:00 pm at the School Board Office, 80A 18th St., Weyburn, Saskatchewan.