Pangman K to Grade 12 School to Remain Open

Thursday, April 19, 2012 was the day the School Board did their final vote on the Pangman School review process. A motion was put forth to discontinue Grades 9-12. The board voted 6-4 against that motion which allows Pangman school to remain as is — a K to Grade 12 school.

The process has been long and trying and has had an effect on everyone – students, parents and the community as a whole because of the pending decision, which was out of our hands.

So needless to say we are very happy and will do a celebration as a town later. Thanks to the School review committee as well as the SCC  for all the work they did to promote not only our school but also the town as a whole. Also, thank you to all those from the community who came out to this meeting to support our school.