Pangman K to Grade 12 School to Remain Open

Thursday, April 19, 2012 was the day the School Board did their final vote on the Pangman School review process. A motion was put forth to discontinue Grades 9-12. The board voted 6-4 against that motion which allows Pangman school to remain as is — a K to Grade 12 school.

The process has been long and trying and has had an effect on everyone – students, parents and the community as a whole because of the pending decision, which was out of our hands.

So needless to say we are very happy and will do a celebration as a town later. Thanks to the School review committee as well as the SCC  for all the work they did to promote not only our school but also the town as a whole. Also, thank you to all those from the community who came out to this meeting to support our school.

Community Christmas Celebration

This year’s annual Sleigh Ride and Wiener Roast was held on Thursday, December 22nd. This yearly event is put on by the Pangman School Community Council.

Thank you to Darrell Rowland and Brian Schwindt for bringing in their team of horses and sleigh (on wheels this year due to lack of snow). And a big thank you to the Hometown Cafe for the delicious desserts.

The school children enjoyed rides on the horse driven sleighs and feasted on roasted wieners, roasted marshmallows, delicious desserts and hot chocolate.

Special guests were Dustin Duncan and Global Regina, who were there doing a story on our school review.

Thank you to the Pangman School Community Council for hosting this event once again.

Barbecue Beef Supper March 13th, 2010!

The Pangman School Community Council will be hosting a Barbecue beef Supper, with Open Bar,  on Saturday, March 13 at the Pangman Community Centre.  Cost for adults is 10.00, 12 & under 5.00. Happy hour from 4-5, supper 5-7, bar open till 1.  No minors allowed after supper unless accompanied by an adult.

Beef will be prepared by S & E Grocery in Radville, salads, desserts etc will be donated by SCC members.  All proceeds for this event will go toward present and future playground equipment.

Advance tickets only available from any SCC Member:  Elwood White, Pam Rowland, Kim Nyhus, Laura Tessier, Gladys Jesse, Ken Kessler, Les Froh, Lloyd Lillejord and Aicha Bitam.