Update on the Community Town Hall Meeting!!

The Community Town Meeting took place on Saturday Feb 13, 2010 at the Pangman School Gym.

This was a joint meeting with the community and representatives from the Village of Pangman, RM of Norton and Economic Development Board. There were about 35 people in attendance.

The Deep South Personal Care Home Auxiliary provided chili, buns and delicious pies for lunch.

The meeting was chaired by Gene Kessler.  It was an occasion for the group to hear of the happenings of the area as well as have an opportunity to voice our opinions and concerns as each individual sees them.  A report was given on the Day Care (opening in September 2010), Charity Farms, the Community Kitchen (which is to be built onto the school), the Water Treatment Plant, Paving of Main Street in Pangman, the Wind Farm, the Care Home, the Economic Development Board, the Website and more.

There are a number of planned projects for the upcoming year with the main one being the new water treatment plant.  Wednesday, June 16th was suggested for the Cemetery Clean up and early part of June for the Campground Clean-up, near Bourassa’s. Also it was suggested that the Farmer’s Market be held from 9 to 12 this year.

If you can help out at any of the events held in the community, it would be greatly appreciated. Watch for posters at the post office or the town bulletin board for upcoming events.

Computer Classes at Pangman School

Computer Classes start on Tuesday, February 16th at 7:00 p.m. at Pangman School. Mr. Fitzpatrick will be the instructor/teacher.  We are working towards 4-6 class times @ 2 hours minimum per night. There is no charge for these classes.

This is for any one interested in learning the computer.

If you would like more information, contact Eileen, Connie or Frank Fitzpatrick.

Winter Storm Causes Power and Telephone Outage in Pangman!

This past weekend a winter storm hit Pangman and area causing power, telephone and internet outages.

We received a lot of snow and the high winds caused many snow drifts around town. It took the majority of the day on Monday for the graders to clear snow and there is still more to be cleared today.

The power started to go out on Friday, January 22nd, and then on Saturday, January 23rd, the power went out in the afternoon for about 3 hours. It came back on for about 4 hours or so. Then around 10:30 p.m. or so it went out again and did not come back on until around 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 24th. Then during the night it went out again, but was back up yesterday morning. Apparently some power lines broke due to heavy ice on the lines. Other communities near us did not have their power restored until late Monday, and some farmers in the surrounding area are still waiting for their power to be restored.

The telephone and internet was restored in the early afternoon yesterday.

The Deep South Personal Care Home has a power generator, so many of the elderly were taken there to stay while the power was off.

We would like to thank the Sask Power and Sask Tel employees for coming out to repair the power and telephone problems during the storm.

Below are a few articles about this winter storm:

Here are some photos of the Pangman after the winter storm.

Craft Bazaar at Pangman School!

The yearly Craft Bazaar was held at Pangman School on Saturday, December 5th.

There were 16 to 18 tables set up at the sale this year, with a variety of crafts and items for sale.

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Deep South Personal Care Home had one of the tables and would like to thank all who donated baking and those who purchased baking.  Draws were made for prizes and the winners were:

  • Jack Evans, who lives in the home, won the poinsetta
  • Don Allewell won the platter donated by Heather Fellner
  • Vi Kessler won two draws, an Xmas arrangement and an Xmas stocking
  • Karen McNutt won a door hanging
  • Stuart Klippenstien won a Porceline doll
  • Brenda Connor won a Tree stand.

There is still time to get tickets to our Xmas Hampers, on display at Kathy’s Place. The draw for these will be on December 18th at Kathy’s Place.

We would like to thank all those who purchased from our Table at the Craft Bazaar and who purchased tickets for our Xmas Hampers.

Santa Day a Great Success!!

This year Santa Day was held on Saturday, December 5th at Pangman School. It was a great success. Santa and his elves delivered “goodie” bags to all senior residents at the home and to the children.

Movies were watched and then later drawn for. When Santa arrived there were 36 excited children in attendance.

Thanks to Wayne Lozinsky, Richard Strobl and Don Allewell for making Santa Day a success.

We would also like to thank all those businesses who donated monies to Santa Day to help pay for the goodie bags and other expenses. Thanks to the Pangman Library and the Co-op Store for goody bag fillings, and to the United Church calendar fund and Arla Hanson for donating candy canes. Also, thanks to Estella Strobl, Kathy Loucks and Ginny Allewell for filling the “goodie” bags and to Wayne Lozinsky and Don Allewell for delivering the bags.

Loving Lights!


Once again this year the Loving Lights are shining brightly in front of the Pangman Library.

This is a fundraiser for the Deep South Personal Care Home, with a minimum donation of $5.00 per name.  If you have a loved one or friend you wish to remember this Christmas, fill out the Loving Lights form, make your cheque payable to Deep South Personal Care Home and drop off at the Post Office and Radius Credit Union in Pangman.

Pangman 2009 Wall of Fame Inductees

2009 Wall of Fame Inductees - Tom Webb & Ewart Hone
2009 Wall of Fame Inductees

The 2009 Wall of Fame inductees were Tom Webb and Ewart Hone. The inductees were honoured on October 23rd, 2009 following the Fall Supper. Their photos and citations are on permanent display at the Pangman Community Center.

tom webTom Webb

As a young boy, Tom had always wanted to skate and play hockey, but as the times were hard, work on the farm was the priority. It all started when Belt Vogeli approached Tom about coaching a hockey team in Pangman, which he did for the next 11 years. The addition to the hockey rink was built during the time that Tom was president of the Pangman Rec. Club, and he sponsored the “Webb’s Comets”. He tried to instill in the boys a dedication to the sport and loyalty to the team. In 1976 he offered to buy the Weyburn Red Wings, and was involved as owner for the next 11 years. “Promoting hockey promotes business in the community,” said Tom Webb in an interview for the Weyburn Review in 1981. The thrill of a lifetime came in 1984 when the Weyburn Red Wings captured the Centennial Cup, the National Championship of Junior A hockey. In 1995 Tom was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in Regina. Over the years he has continued to run a prosperous farming operation. Having served as a Wheat Pool delegate for District 2 and as president of the Pangman Co-op, he is currently a director of Red Coat Road & Rail, a Councillor for the R.M. of Norton, and a member of the Pangman & District Economic Development Board.

EwartEwart Hone

“When I see something that needs doing, I like to get it done or try to find someone to help me get it done.”. These are the words and philosophy of EWART HONE who has lived in Pangman since 1992 after retiring from farming. He is Pangman’s most dedicated volunteer who willingly gets involved in countless activities and functions in our community. On any given summer day, Ewart can be seen watering the flowers at the highway and in town or cutting grass at the gazebo park or checking the boilers at the swimming pool or trimming trees with Jack or preparing for the weekly Farmers Market. When he manages to get away for a few days fishing, the invariable question arises, “When is Ewart coming back?”. Through volunteerism, Ewart has made many friends as he greets young and old with a cheery smile usually followed by some good-natured quip. At a ceremony in Creelman in 2004, Ewart received the regional “Volunteer of the Year” Award from the South East Saskatchewan Association for Culture, Recreation and Sport under the recommendation of the Pangman Recreation Board. The award was in recognition of his many years of dedicated service as a volunteer at the Pangman Recreation Centre. Ewart’s generosity of time and spirit has earned him a well-deserved place of honour on Pangman’s Wall of Fame.

There were articles on the Wall of Fame in The Weyburn Review and in the Radville Star.