Pangman Daycare Grand Opening September 23, 2011

September 23, 2011 was the Grand Opening of the Pangman Daycare. Special guests were: Honourable Dustin Duncan, Kelly Hilkewich, Superintendant of Education for the SE Cornerstone School District, Bruce Wagner, our Board Representative for the South East Cornerstone School District and Pangman Mayor Rod Rowland.

Elwood White, Chairman of the Daycare Board, welcomed the special guests and thanked Sveta Lagun, Director, and other staff members of the Daycare. As well he thanked the board members of the Daycare: Joy White, Brian and Gladys Jesse, Connie Lozinsky, Willard Johnson and Rod Rowland. A special thank you to Joy White for her extraordinary work in accounting, licensing and the incorporation of the Daycare. Also, he thanked Judy Valentine, our Community Program Consultant, from the Ministry of Education,  for all her excellent direction.

Each of the special guests spoke for about 2 minutes which was followed by the official ribbon cutting. Following this everyone was invited into the Daycare for Cookies, Cupcakes and Juice.